Pricing Guidelines

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! I am very excited about the possibility of working with you to create the perfect ceremony, the one you have always dreamed about. 

Of course, you are looking at budgets, always budgets, so I want to make it simple for you to understand my pricing guidelines.

Elopement Wedding package

Enjoy a beautiful non-religious ceremony only $399.00. Any possible additional travel fees for the rehearsal and ceremony are based upon your venue and distance from Fallbrook, CA. Basic pricing up to 30 miles from Fallbrook. Add $50.00 for each 60-mile increment. 

Make It Yours package

For my exclusive Make it Yours package, which includes the online creation of your vows you pay only $499.00. This includes two telephone consultations for the creation of your ceremony. If the rehearsal is within 30 miles of Fallbrook, CA, there is no additional charge. Add $50.00 for each 60-mile increment. 

It’s All Love package

You get all the benefits of the “Make it yours package” plus free rehearsal, unlimited telephone, text, and email consultations about the creation of your personal ceremony, as well as a keepsake copy of your one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony. And at no additional charge, I will include the beautiful “Rose Ceremony” to add to the joy of your day. All this for only $699.00. Limited to a 30-mile radius of Fallbrook. Add $50.00 for each 60-mile increment. 

Deployment Ceremonies

As a veteran myself, I know that being deployed can be a tremendous strain on both your budget and time. To honor Active Duty Military who are being deployed, I am proud to offer my Elopement ceremony at my home in Fallbrook for $250.00. No stress, just love. 

Elopement Ceremonies

You get the Marriage License and I provide the setting in beautiful Fallbrook, California. There are two choices for settings; in a flower-lined gazebo (ideal for four people plus me) or in a spacious tree-lined backyard with a meditation garden. Plenty of room for up to twenty people. $299.00. If you want a bouquet of flowers, even a limousine from your hotel we will arrange a package for you. 

Adventure Weddings

Want to get married in a hot air balloon, while sky diving, or on a sailboat off the California coast? The possibilities are limitless. Pricing begins at $599.00 for the ceremony. The cost of the adventure is not included. 

Recommitment Ceremonies 

What a beautiful way to celebrate your love. You have spent years together, “doing life” and now it is time to honor the basis of your relationship; your marriage. Your love has carried you through all manner of life’s challenges and now it is time to refresh that commitment. There is nothing like re-declaring your love for each other. Pricing is based on the Ceremony Package you choose beginning at $299.99.

Special Circumstances

As an Ordained Minister, I am permitted to conduct services in Hospitals, Jails, and other locations which require licensing credentials. 

With all wedding packages, you will be responsible for getting your Marriage License at the County Recorders office (if needed). At the conclusion of the ceremony, your witnesses and I will complete the form to return for recording. I will send you a copy of the completed license and the receipt for mailing. 

Hopefully, this answers your initial fee questions. If not, let’s talk some more

I look forward to speaking with you very soon about working with you to create the perfect ceremony. 

It’s All Love,
Reverend Doctor Brian Graham