As you undertake your marriage, a marriage that will be as individual as the two of you, it seems fitting to offer the widest range of possibilities during the actual ceremony. That is why I offer you my exclusive “Wedding Choices” package.  You as a couple will receive, via e-mail, a package containing every element of a wedding you could desire. As you scroll through the package, simply delete what you do not want in your wedding.  What remains is your unique ceremony.  No one else will ever share the vows you will share.

If you would like to include children from one or both sides, there is a place within Wedding Choices which brings your new family together.

Often we have family members who have passed on, yet who are still an essential part of who we are.  They too have a place in your wedding, if you choose.

As for those ceremonies within your wedding vows, these too can be almost unlimited, but let me offer just a few ideas:

The Unity Candle

The Unity Candle can be for the Bride and Groom exclusively, or it may include other members of your family to reflect a new oneness.

The Rose Ceremony

The sharing of flowers is an ancient expression of love.  At the conclusion of your vows, I present you with a beautiful rose to symbolize your first gift as a couple.  You then share that rose with your new spouse to symbolize your willingness to give to each other.

The Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony is perfect for two people to demonstrate the joining of their lives, or to represent the blending of families.  The Sand Ceremony can include children, friends, or other loved ones.

The Ribbon Ceremony

Traditional to many faiths, adaptable to any wedding as a symbol of a committed union.

Or, create your own depiction of what your commitment means to you today, tomorrow, and forever.

The important part is that whatever we do in the creation of your actual wedding ceremony, it should reflect the perfection of the life you are creating together.

Adventure Weddings

If it is in your nature to hold your wedding in an unusual setting, I can support you fully.  The possibilities are unlimited; skydiving weddings, beachfront weddings, mountain top weddings, hot air ballooning weddings, wine country, or park weddings, if you have a hankering for an out-of-the-box ceremony, let’s talk!

Recommitment Ceremonies

One of the most loving things a couple can do is to renew their vows. A ceremony with family and friends who know you both as a couple is a deeply spiritual and heart-expanding event.

For many of us, when we wed, we are filled with unrealistic expectations of each other and of ourselves.   After the test of time, our emotions are fuller, our understandings deeper. What a wonderful gift to give yourselves as an anniversary gift, a birthday gift, or as a gift to the young people around you to demonstrate that weddings are an event, marriage is something which must be earned through commitment.

Let’s get together and discuss how a recommitment ceremony could be in your life.

Destination Weddings

If your dream is to celebrate your wedding at an exotic location; Hawaii, Bali, or whatever your desire, I am available to travel! Rather than depend upon the Officiant in some far-off place to do your vows the way you want, let’s create the ceremony here and pack our bags!

What other kinds of weddings do we do?

Spiritual weddings, non-religious weddings, same-sex weddings, interfaith weddings, civil weddings, hospital weddings, jail, and prison weddings.

Where do we do weddings?

Love Is, Weddings serves North San Diego County, Southern Riverside County, Temecula, Escondido, Carlsbad, Vista, Fallbrook, Rancho Bernardo, San Marcos, La Jolla, San Diego, and all points in between!