Adding “Special” to your ceremony

When you and your Officiant are preparing the perfect ceremony together there are many ways to make it even more special. One simple yet effective way for adding special to your ceremony is to include rituals. Let’s talk about Rituals. I agree, the word ‘ritual’ can sound kind of ominous at first. Rituals are ceremonies …

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Personal Vows

Many couples consider adding their Personal Vows during their ceremony. These are not to be confused with the “official vows” I do for you. Personal Vows customize your ceremony in a very special way. If you think of these vows as speaking from your heart to your loved one you are on the right path. …

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Tipping the Minister

Many couples wonder if tipping the Minister is in order, or even proper. In discussions with other wedding ministers this topic has come up often and the resounding consensus is; yes, tipping the Minister is absolutely appropriate. That being said I want to add it is not necessary. Being a Professional Wedding Officiant, as well …

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Uncle Bob

Some couples consider using Uncle Bob to be their Officiant. I absolutely understand that asking a relative or friend to be your Officiant is a way of honoring their part in your lives. But it does come with some pitfalls. Getting it right is essential. I have nothing against Uncle Bob, or best friend Mary, …

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It’s your wedding!

During our initial calls many of my couples ask, “How long should the ceremony be?” Please remember, it’s your wedding! The ceremony can be as long or as short as you choose. Working with my Wedding Choices file you have the opportunity to select the elements you want. If you are the kind of couple …

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And, we’re back!

It has been a long time coming but I am happy to say, “And, we’re back!” The long road For the past sixteen months or so couples wanting to get married have had to jump through so many hoops if they could get married at all. During those months I was honored to be asked …

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Covid weddings

Here at Love Is Weddings I have gotten many inquiries about holding a wedding during these Social Distancing times. I am here to help! I have two beautiful locations right at my home in Fallbrook; The front location is a beautiful bougainvillea covered arbor. In the backyard is a magical meditation garden. Each location will …

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