Uncle Bob

Some couples consider using Uncle Bob to be their Officiant. I absolutely understand that asking a relative or friend to be your Officiant is a way of honoring their part in your lives. But it does come with some pitfalls.

Getting it right is essential. I have nothing against Uncle Bob, or best friend Mary, or whomever you might select to perform your wedding. It is a lovely gesture. If they manage to do the ceremony the way you want there is still the issue of filing the completed document.

I am looking at a highlighted box on a County of Riverside, California Marriage License application. In this box it says that if something happens to the original license, (whiteout, cross-outs, etc) if it was completed by a Declared or Non-Clergy person you will be required to go to court, wait a year, purchase a new License and begin again.

This message is not intended to frighten you, just educate you. I, as a Clergyman, have had a license returned due to an almost invisible water spot. In that case I had to pay a fee for the replacement of the license, complete my portion and return it to the County Clerk. Fortunately my couple did not have to go to court, nor they did not have to wait a year.

Accidents happen. One of the many benefits of engaging a Licensed Wedding Professional is that you are not going to lose a year of your life waiting to correct an accident.

There is another way to protect yourself if you do decide Uncle Bob is the right person to perform your wedding. You can have a Licensed Professional Wedding Officiant on hand to complete your certificate.

Just something to think about because, It’s All Love.

Rev Brian