Tipping the Minister

Many couples wonder if tipping the Minister is in order, or even proper.

In discussions with other wedding ministers this topic has come up often and the resounding consensus is; yes, tipping the Minister is absolutely appropriate. That being said I want to add it is not necessary.

Being a Professional Wedding Officiant, as well as an Ordained Minister of New Thought I can understand the sensitivity of this question. You don’t want to insult anyone, especially the person who preforms your ceremony. But think of it this way; of all the people you hire to do your wedding you probably pay the Minister the least. This is ironic because in most cases the ceremony is the purpose of the whole event.

If you are using a venue which includes the minister in your package, they are paid less than if you hired them yourself. The venue makes a profit for their services. If you hire your church for the ceremony the Minister makes a set fee, if anything, for preforming your ceremony.

Almost to a person I can tell you that your Officiant does what they do because they enjoy being part of a celebration of love. Helping couples enter into a lifelong commitment is, in itself, a joy. Every wedding calls for a good deal of commitment and dedication to making your ceremony meaningful. Speaking for myself, after the ceremony is created, the most important part of my service is to make certain my couples are comfortable and can enjoy their ceremony too. This extra love is not necessarily included in the fee.

So is tipping the Minister required? No. Is tipping the Minister appreciated? Yes. Just as with your favorite server at a restaurant, if your Officiant goes above and beyond for you, by all means show your appreciation.

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