It’s your wedding!

During our initial calls many of my couples ask, “How long should the ceremony be?” Please remember, it’s your wedding! The ceremony can be as long or as short as you choose.

Working with my Wedding Choices file you have the opportunity to select the elements you want. If you are the kind of couple who are anxious to be married you might create a ceremony that lasts five minutes. If you are the kind of couple that wants to savor the time you are pledging your love to one another you might build a ceremony that is longer. There is no right or wrong length for your ceremony.

Over the years I have discovered that even with all the options you have with Wedding Choices, most couples find satisfaction with a wedding ceremony that lasts between fifteen and twenty minutes.

During the actual ceremony, time vanishes. Standing face to face with your beloved, all the decisions about flowers, colors, menu, cake and dresses disappear. You are in a world of your own. In the moment, so to speak. This is a precious time not to be rushed nor unnecessarily drawn out. Together we will create the ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple.

It’s your wedding and it is a beautiful thing to share with your loved ones.

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