Tipping the Minister

Many couples wonder if tipping the Minister is in order, or even proper.

In discussions with other wedding ministers this topic has come up often and the resounding consensus is; yes, tipping the Minister is absolutely appropriate. That being said I want to add it is not necessary.

Being a Professional Wedding Officiant, as well as an Ordained Minister of New Thought I can understand the sensitivity of this question. You don’t want to insult anyone, especially the person who preforms your ceremony. But think of it this way; of all the people you hire to do your wedding you probably pay the Minister the least. This is ironic because in most cases the ceremony is the purpose of the whole event.

If you are using a venue which includes the minister in your package, they are paid less than if you hired them yourself. The venue makes a profit for their services. If you hire your church for the ceremony the Minister makes a set fee, if anything, for preforming your ceremony.

Almost to a person I can tell you that your Officiant does what they do because they enjoy being part of a celebration of love. Helping couples enter into a lifelong commitment is, in itself, a joy. Every wedding calls for a good deal of commitment and dedication to making your ceremony meaningful. Speaking for myself, after the ceremony is created, the most important part of my service is to make certain my couples are comfortable and can enjoy their ceremony too. This extra love is not necessarily included in the fee.

So is tipping the Minister required? No. Is tipping the Minister appreciated? Yes. Just as with your favorite server at a restaurant, if your Officiant goes above and beyond for you, by all means show your appreciation.

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Uncle Bob

Some couples consider using Uncle Bob to be their Officiant. I absolutely understand that asking a relative or friend to be your Officiant is a way of honoring their part in your lives. But it does come with some pitfalls.

Getting it right is essential. I have nothing against Uncle Bob, or best friend Mary, or whomever you might select to perform your wedding. It is a lovely gesture. If they manage to do the ceremony the way you want there is still the issue of filing the completed document.

I am looking at a highlighted box on a County of Riverside, California Marriage License application. In this box it says that if something happens to the original license, (whiteout, cross-outs, etc) if it was completed by a Declared or Non-Clergy person you will be required to go to court, wait a year, purchase a new License and begin again.

This message is not intended to frighten you, just educate you. I, as a Clergyman, have had a license returned due to an almost invisible water spot. In that case I had to pay a fee for the replacement of the license, complete my portion and return it to the County Clerk. Fortunately my couple did not have to go to court, nor they did not have to wait a year.

Accidents happen. One of the many benefits of engaging a Licensed Wedding Professional is that you are not going to lose a year of your life waiting to correct an accident.

There is another way to protect yourself if you do decide Uncle Bob is the right person to perform your wedding. You can have a Licensed Professional Wedding Officiant on hand to complete your certificate.

Just something to think about because, It’s All Love.

Rev Brian

It’s your wedding!

During our initial calls many of my couples ask, “How long should the ceremony be?” Please remember, it’s your wedding! The ceremony can be as long or as short as you choose.

Working with my Wedding Choices file you have the opportunity to select the elements you want. If you are the kind of couple who are anxious to be married you might create a ceremony that lasts five minutes. If you are the kind of couple that wants to savor the time you are pledging your love to one another you might build a ceremony that is longer. There is no right or wrong length for your ceremony.

Over the years I have discovered that even with all the options you have with Wedding Choices, most couples find satisfaction with a wedding ceremony that lasts between fifteen and twenty minutes.

During the actual ceremony, time vanishes. Standing face to face with your beloved, all the decisions about flowers, colors, menu, cake and dresses disappear. You are in a world of your own. In the moment, so to speak. This is a precious time not to be rushed nor unnecessarily drawn out. Together we will create the ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple.

It’s your wedding and it is a beautiful thing to share with your loved ones.

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And, we’re back!

It has been a long time coming but I am happy to say, “And, we’re back!”

The long road

For the past sixteen months or so couples wanting to get married have had to jump through so many hoops if they could get married at all. During those months I was honored to be asked to Officiate fifteen weddings. Some were actually elopements, a couple were full-on weddings with guests, masks and social distancing. Yes, its been a long road but here we are on the other side.

Weddings done your way

Even through all the challenges of getting a marriage license, finding a venue and keeping everyone safe, my commitment to doing your wedding your way has remained. Today we can hold gatherings, forego the masks, let our family and friends sit where they want and still, doing the wedding ceremony you want is my goal.

I truly appreciate that so many couples have honored me by selecting me as their Officiant. I look forward to adding to my list of happy couples as we begin the second half of 2021. If you are planning a wedding, elopement or re-commitment ceremony it would be my pleasure to arrange a no-obligation conversation with you. How we do the ceremony is, as always, up to you.

Together we will incorporate the elements you want for your perfect ceremony. Let’s talk and see if Love Is Weddings is right for you!

It’s All Love,

Rev Brian

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Covid weddings

Here at Love Is Weddings I have gotten many inquiries about holding a wedding during these Social Distancing times. I am here to help!

I have two beautiful locations right at my home in Fallbrook; The front location is a beautiful bougainvillea covered arbor. In the backyard is a magical meditation garden. Each location will accommodate up to 12 people safely.

The front yard arbor location
Meditation garden location

Getting a Marriage License in San Diego County is changing every day, but at this writing several Notary Public’s have Confidential Licenses available. Most are Mobil Notaries so they will come to you. Bring your license to the ceremony, I do the wedding, and you are on your way.

As part of my effort to help you have your wedding now I have a limited time price point I know will make you happy.

Please give me a call at (760) 212-6556 and I will fill in the details for you at no charge!

It’s All Love,

Reverend Brian