I am an ordained minister of New Thought. For over two decades now it has been my honor to be part of the joining of two hearts in matrimony.   Through many years of studying the inner workings of the mind/spirituality connection,  I have come to the conclusion that we can couch our words any way we want, it all comes down to love.

I have conducted weddings for all manner of couples with one thought in mind; the expression of love is boundless.  If love is boundless, so too are the options of when and where to be married. I enjoy finding ways to help you have your wedding reflect exactly who you are now, regardless of where you began.

As a deeply spiritual person my heart honors all paths to enlightenment.  We cannot place artificial boundaries on whom we love, where we wed or what it should look like when we marry.  Through my exclusive Wedding Choices vow creation program we will work together to develop a wedding ceremony which meets your needs, and honors your beliefs.

If you would like to get a glimpse of who I am as a person, I invite you to read my blogs at BrianKGraham.com

I am also an author of four books; Think, Believe Receive (Three steps to an amazing life), It’s All About Me (The Involved Observer), Bear and Butterfly (THE Relationship handbook) and The Lady Ashtar Story.